Braylon, age ten, is an affectionate and sweet child. He is currently in the 4th grade, and has expressed that he wants to improve his reading skills.

Braylon loves to be the center of attention and loves to give hugs. Braylon spends his free time drawing, playing on his Tablet, and building things with his Legos. Braylon loves snacks and mostly gum. One of Braylon’s favorite superheroes is Captain America. Braylon does very well with playing sports and has expressed that he likes to play Basketball.

Braylon would do best with a family that is able to provide him the love, attention, and quality time that he desires.



Cherish is a 12 year old black female. Cherish is smart, affectionate and talented. She enjoys singing/music and loves helping others. Her favorite hobbies include arts and crafts, especially crocheting.


Jamarion is a fourteen year old African American male. He is currently placed in a certified foster home in Lake Charles, LA. He is diagnosed with ADHD, which is managed with medication. Jamarion attends counseling to address anger and grief issues related to the death of his mother. Jamarion can be reserved at times, but enjoys talking and interacting with others once he gets comfortable with people.  He prefers indoor activities such as reading, watching television, and playing video games, but he does enjoy playing outside with others as well. Jamarion needs a loving family who is patient, and willing to provide lots of nurturing and quality time.


John is a fifteen year old male child.  He enjoys playing video games and listening to Country music.  John is in regular education classes and is currently in the ninth grade.  John’s future plans consists of graduating from High School and attending a Trade School so that he can pursue a career in Welding.  John is easy to get along with and is able to express his needs in a clear manner. He is playful and full of love.

Leon and Hakeem

Leon is an eleven year old who is a cowboy at heart! He loves anything related to cowboys and animals, especially horses. He dreams of riding a horse one day and owning a barn.  He is a 6th grade special education student.

Hakeem is a ten year old who has a sweet smile and friendly personality. He is currently a fifth grade student and is a good student. Hakeem loves cartoons, outside activities including sports and fishing, and spending time with his brother.

The brothers would like to be adopted together and look forward to being part of a loving, patient forever family.



Miah, age 14, is a shy, vibrant, and sweet young lady. Once she gets close to you, she will come out of her shell. She is currently in the 9th grade and has expressed that she wants to become a certified nurse to help others. Miah is very independent and loves to have things her way.


Miah loves to shop, do hair, dance and listen to a variety of music. Miah was part of the praise dance team at church and sang in the choir. She also loves to get her nails done. Miah ensures that no one is being bullied and if they are, she is the first to stick up for them.


Miah would do best with a family that is able to provide her with attention, quality time, and love. She wants a family that is energetic, active, and who attends church. Miah needs a family that is willing to continue to help her with services that addresses her needs. Miah has expressed that it does not matter what race the family is ,but would prefer to be the oldest child.


Solana is a two year old African American female child. She is bright eyed and very lovable. She enjoys sitting in her swing, listening to music and watching the action on the cartoon channel. She babbles when she is spoken to and she likes to be held and loved on. Solana requires total care and would benefit from a forever family who can commit themselves to provide her with a safe, stable, nurturing home environment that will allow her to thrive and be the best Solana she can be. Solana is able to follow voices and turns her head when she hears her name called.